I Mustache you to stop being so Unicorny 👨🏼‍🎨🦄


We couldn't help ourselves with this title...it had to be done😂

 And we couldn't help but share these two amazing kids parties we recently had at our Row DTLA studio!


We all know there’s Butter slime and Fluffy slime, but did you know there’s sparkly pastelicious Unicorn slime?!! And those cute horns on top of the containers...rainbow chalk!! How many 🦄 emoji's is too many 🦄 emoji's??


— AND —

Drawing inspiration from our masters, mini-makers donned their berets (and, of course, some perfectly twirled mustaches) and went to work on the their mini masterpieces! 🎨

 — - — 

 A VERY happy birthday to our pastel unicorn Violet and our mini french painter Diego!! We love bringing kids dream parties to life and seeing the big smile on their face when they walk into the studio! ✨