August Studio Wrap-Up

August Wrap Up 2022, people sit around a table with macrame supplies
tie-dyed fabric





Cozy season is almost upon us! We are so excited for cooler weather, longer nights, and curling up with a cozy craft in the studio. But we are also still basking in the glow of this past summer - it has been such a blast! 

Here’s what the Makers Mess team has been up to this last long summer month! 





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We wrapped up the last of 8 weeks of our Kid's Summer Camp in August. It was so much fun to bring in a new crew of kiddos to the ROW. We found inspiration all over this creative hub, and the parents loved having some tasty new food options to visit while their kids were crafting! 

children making arts and crafts 

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This past month we had 3 public workshops and 3 sessions of our first Adult Summer Craft Camp! We had so much fun collaborating with Flask & Field to present this summer camp series. Our most popular session was definitely Tequila & Tie Dye. It got a little wild (in the best way!) in the studio that night!

crafting at various Adult Summer Camp workshops: Tequila & Tie-Dye, Cocktails & Collage, Pét-Nat & Pet Collars

crafting at various workshops: Decorating Tiny Cakes with Rose Wilde, Picnic Basket Weaving with Temerity, Papier Mache with Kim Baise


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crafting Game of Thrones-themed house sigil banners with hand-carved stamps




We had a fantastic time at An Evening with House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones-themed nighttime event at Natural History Museum Los Angeles! 


crafting house sigil banners with hand-carved stamps






The night was a celebration of fans and historians as museum-goers were immersed in the world of Game of Thrones and the new limited-time exhibit, House of the Dragon: The Targaryen Dynasty. We made house sigil banners with hand-carved stamps inspired by Game of Thrones and the new show, House of the Dragon.


coming up in September...

We are already planning for spooky season and the winter holidays, and are really excited to see what the season brings! We have lots of amazing workshops planned, and we're also updating our retail offerings.


ticket that says, "September Workshops"

9/10 | Two Toned Macrame Plant Hangers
9/17 | Stained Glass Sun Catchers or Nightlight with Brewer & Marr
9/18 | Intro to Marbling with Mercedez Rex  *SOLD OUT*
9/24 | Mini Makers Impressionist-Inspired Floral Painting
    Here's hoping your summer ends on a high note!
    See you in the Studio,
    The Makers Mess Team