Featured Artist: Angi of Angelique, Ink!

We're celebrating with one of our favorite calligraphy artists, Angi Phillips of Angelique Ink! We've been humbled to have worked with Angi several times before and her calligraphy workshops never disappoint (and usually sell out fast!) 
Keep reading to learn more about Angi!


Angi is an artist, calligrapher, designer and teacher. Lover of the poetic song and dance of pen and ink meeting paper. Telling a story with words, where mere words fall short.

In love with written word, old fashioned pens and ink since childhood when she received her first calligraphy set at the age of twelve. Today, that’s turned into a passion for teaching and creating with personal expression through the depth and mystery that emotes via dipping pens in ink and writing things by hand. Known for her distinctive and diverse array of styles, she’s since created thousands of handwritten pieces for a wide range of clients all over the globe, and instructed over 1300 students in the art of modern calligraphy at her in-person workshops. Creativity, human connection, and resurrecting the lost art of handwriting, is what drives the heart behind Angelique, Ink.

Her other loves: Matt Phillips | Rylee and Face | food adventuring | mountain biking | travel and poetry | coffee and old fashioneds | woodworking


Angelique, Ink is the boutique calligraphy and design studio of Angi Phillips, providing a range of services, products and workshops, with focus on a distinctive approach to modern calligraphy. The design studio offers custom lettering for branding, advertising and products as well as full service wedding stationery design and letterpress printing, calligraphy for events, and more. Angelique, Ink is well known and regarded for quality work, attentive client care, reliability and professionalism. In the SHOP you will find Angi's popular selection of personalized calligraphy address stamps, hand-lettered prints and decor, as well as resources and tools for calligraphy.

Angelique, Ink is honored to partner with and support the efforts of anti human trafficking organizations globally. Ten percent of all proceeds go to Project Rescue, to support efforts to combat exploitation and sexual slavery of fellow human beings. You can read about their mission and purpose here.

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