Workshop of the Month 🌿



Gouache Still Life

Our March Workshop of the Month is here and it’s helping us reign in Spring. Yes, we know, “we need the rain” … “it’s still winter - stop complaining” but we do live in LA for a reason and think spring could come a little faster to warm our cold hands AND hearts (ha)! This will be such a great workshop to learn the art of Gouache (like squash but with a G) and also the techniques of still life painting!

Grab a friend and maybe some win and come paint the night away✨

Ready to learn how to paint like the greats do?! In this 2 hour workshop, you will be guided through the use of gouache a.k.a. opaque watercolor paints and fine line pens to paint a beautiful still life set up just for you. Painting from life helps you develop technique for depth of field, finding the light, deciding composition, and much more! 🌾

Don’t forget - BYOB 🥂 (bring your own beverage, beer, bottle, bubbly)!

March 25th

Monday | 7-9p | $46 |