Workshop of the Month ❄️



3D Embroidery

Our January Workshop of the Month is definitely going to check off one of your New Years Resolutions…get more CREATIVE in 2019, learn something NEW in 2019, or maybe get outside my COMFORT ZONE in 2019! ✨ This workshop is great for learning the basics of embroidery and then taking it up a notch and experimenting with different fabrics, textures, and objects!

Let’s get funky 2019! 💃

Come into the studio for this creative exploration of embroidery! 3D embroidery lets you play outside the boundaries of the embroidery hoop, and experiment with fun materials you might not normally associate with embroidery. Bring any small objects you might want to include, or use the materials we provide to make something unique and special to you. We will find creative solutions to embed any style or material into your piece!  ✨

Don’t forget - BYOB (bring your own beverage, beer, bottle, bubbly)!

January 28th

Monday | 7-9p | $46 | Click here to sign up!