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Getting Laid + Getting Paid. A class for creative people who get weird about money. | Individual $65 | Friends $117

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“My hourly rate is $100, but what did you have in mind?”
“We’re totally flexible on price.”
“Sure, you need a website and a logo, too? We can do that.” - Interior Designer

No. Just please stop.

Creative people often get super weird about money. It makes us sad. We’re creative people who don’t get weird about money and enjoy helping other creative people get un-weird about money. As long-time hustlers and successful small business owners, we’re also both fascinated by the overwhelming similarities between how to make money and how to navigate intimacy and relationships. 

Money is boring, but sex is sexy, so we decided to talk about money by talking about sex.

This workshop will take you through the process of understanding the value of your work, figuring out how to communicate about it and get paid well for it. From new business to how to navigate clients that ask for too much, the struggle and the solutions are no different than how to navigate Tinder, love and marriage. 

The valuable stuff you’ll actually learn
1. How to stop dreading the money conversation with clients
2. How to stop doing shitty work that you don’t like doing
3. How to sell without feeling sleazy or needy/how to sell confidently
4. And you’ll get to ask us specific questions about your money weirdness, too

Please enroll by 6/4/18 to ensure your spot in the workshop!  

Please check out our cancellation policy here!