Makers Mess is a team of artists that curate and deliver the perfect creative experience for you, your friends or clients!





Makers Mess is a space for creative workshops in Los Angeles through a curated selection of art and design workshops for people of all ages. Products and services offered include Makers Workshops, Guest Teacher Workshops, Kids Art Camps Parties, Corporate Events and more. We host some of the finest art workshops Los Angeles has to offer.

Brandy Lewis founded Makers Mess in 2015 with the belief that we all possess an inherent creative drive and that practice, not ‘perfect’, is what matters most.

In a time when creating company culture is a competitive advantage, corporations across the United States trust Makers Mess to deliver custom craft classes in Los Angeles, provide a professional display and employ knowledgeable staff for their employee enrichment, customer experience and client enhancement activations.

Our awesome team of instructors and guest artists will introduce you to a medium or offer a relaxed space for you to return to your own practice. We deliver workshops in just about anything you can think of: watercolor classes, calligraphy classes, figure drawing, punch needle, wood-burning, weaving, abstract painting, candle making, embroidery, ceramics, and more! We also host fun events, parties, children’s art camps and all sorts of professional or social gatherings that need some added creativity!

Serving two locations in the southland, our Mini Makers events are great for birthdays, events, Summer breaks, holidays or any time! With fun art camps and creative workshops for kids, we have you covered and will make sure your little ones get the opportunity to make a MESS!





Makers Workshops: These workshops are curated in an inviting space for students to practice different mediums, at an affordable cost! Each workshop is led by one of our team members. Makers workshops are implemented to cultivate the creative community and explore different mediums in a supportive environment. No matter what your skill level is, we can find an art class in Los Angeles to help you grow creatively.

Kids Art Camps and Parties: Schools Closed but Makers Mess is Open! We host all kinds of holiday-themed art camps. In addition, we can create a unique, custom and creative experiences tailored to any theme or occasion you wish.


Guest Teacher Workshops: A guest teacher will lead students through an intensive exploration into a particular practice of art. Our guest teachers are practicing artists and specialists in a particular art field. They have created their own curriculum to help guide students in learning the vocabulary and necessary techniques needed to broaden their familiarity with a specific art form.

Parties and Corporate Events: Makers Mess hosts off-site and in-studio events. Whether team- building, or building your client relationships, we can deliver workshops and construct a creative atmosphere at any location you choose. Our brand-new ROW DTLA location is available for events and parties! Clients love our unique and engaging crafts tailored specifically to their brand, as well as our professional display and friendly staff.