Because When You Own a Creative Business You BLOG, Right?

I capitalized all those letters up there because it's a well as a question. This shit is a LOT of work and very, very time-consuming. I do love it and I would love it even more if I had MORE time. To keep the blog updated or not? #firstworldproblems

Anyhow, here's another attempt. I wanted to share with the you...via the interwebs, some photos from our super fun event this past Saturday. We co-hosted a Valentine's Pop-Up with sisters (and total babes) Twink + Sis. We had a slew (slew? hold on, let me google that...ok! it works!) of the RADDEST vendors to come out and slang their goods with us. It was a slew of slanging. Ok, I'll stop now.

Look how cute the front of the studio was:

*Note to anyone attempting this at home. Paper twine is NOT the best option. (Insert hysterically laughing emoji here)

Our Message in a Bottle was a big hit! Brandy, my genius business partner, thought up this gorgeous plan which involved her insane vintage typewriter. OMG. Look how pretty! We still have a few of these left if you want to come grab one from the studio. They're only $10 and you customize yourself. 

And nothing like a big event to make you get your shit together and spruce the place up! Look at all our new inventory! Yay us!

The rack and shelf of awesome vintage goods is via  Duffytown . 

The rack and shelf of awesome vintage goods is via Duffytown

Sooooo many more fun photos!