Mother's Day with Lil Lemons + Fashion Mama's

We always love crafting with For Love & Lemons and the Mother's Day event was no exception! 

We had the kiddos making diy rainbow body scrubs for their mama's while mama-and-mini manicures were provided by Olive and June!

We had fun making samples of the rainbow scrubs in the studio. Playing with the different colors, seeing how they all layered together and, of course, we all left with our hands feeling extra soft and fabulous.

Thank you For Love & Lemons & Fashion Mama's for such a great event!

Fabulous images provided by Fashion Mamas



Create Celebrate Color + Custom Rainbow Books

We had such a colorful blast at the Create Celebrate Color event with Hey Mama! We had the kiddos celebrate and explore color by making custom rainbow books. Plus they got to take them home and share their love of color with the world. We had so much fun at this fabulous event and continue to have dreams of rainbows and bubbles galore!

Thanks to Hedley and Bennet, Bonjour Fete, But First Party

images provided by Billye Donya Photographer and Ographr

For Love & Lemons + Embroidered Bandanas

Sunny rooftop, refreshing cocktails, and polka dots! What more could we ask for?? Crafting at For Love & Lemons is always a treat! Custom embroidered bandanas were the fabulous activity of the day and they turned out so amazing. The polka dot bandanas were definetly the fan favorite! Till the next event...

Images provided by Casey Fyfe