Featured Artist: Vilasinee Bunnag

We are so excited to be featuring Vilasinee "V" Bunnag this week for our Artists Spotlight! You may remember her name from our workshops or you may just be an instagram admirer but I think we can all admit V is someone to follow. She also has a book coming out at the end of March which you can pre-order now. We can’t wait!


Vilasinee "V" Bunnag is a Californian who lives in NYC. She's the co-inventor of the new Loome fiber craft tool. Crafts and fiber art are in her blood - having also grown up in Bangkok, V family's was involved in preserving the beautiful textiles of Thailand. Since founding Loome, she's been busy sharing and making pom poms, tassels, small weaves, cords and friendship bracelets everywhere. Running workshops are among her favorite things to do because she's always blown away by what people can create with the Loome tool.

Loome was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2015. The motto is One Tool, Infinite Possibilities which reflects the versatility of their tools and what you can make with them. Every day, they strive to make, inspire and share with you.