Featured Artist: Jo Abellera

We love macrame... and Jo Abellera is the QUEEN of fiber art, macrame and so much more. We are delighted to have her a Featured Artist this week AND teaching a workshop this weekend. Be sure to follow along her exciting adventures on Instagram and come see us this weekend for her workshop!


KKIBO - About Jo Abellera
Working with textiles in much the same way a sculptor might work clay, designer Jo Abellera
approaches KKIBO - her line of handmade knitwear, accessories, and homewares - with an
inspired artisan’s eye. Natural fibers (wool, alpaca, jute and rope) are transformed into work that exudes a deep individuality and an easy, sensual beauty.

Trained at Parsons School of Design, Abellera’s debut line was initially inspired by the writings
of scholar Joseph Campbell and the birth of her first child. “I came across a book by Joseph
Campbell,” Abellera remembers, “filled with these incredible images of young women in
ceremonial costumes made of bark. I started making sweaters inspired by these images.”
Naming both her child and her new company after the Japanese word for ‘hope’, Abellera’s line
is now known for its thrilling mix of primitive, organic forms and a thoroughly modern approach

to sustainable, ethical design. Made largely in KKIBO’s local Los Angeles studio, Abellera also
shares a portion of production with artisans in Bolivia. “I think the core mission of KKIBO is to
make thoughtful, unique and beautiful things that reflect the natural world,” the designer
explains, “using traditional techniques - knitting, weaving, and macramé - in a new way.”