Featured Artist: Celeste Wilson

This week we have Celeste Wilson of The True Spoon on the blog! We love this wellness babe and are so excited to feature her this week. Pssst-- she's also hosting a workshop on Sunday 12.10!


My name is Celeste Wilson and I reside in sunny Los Angeles California. I’ve been a obsessed with food my entire life, yummy snacks have attracted me to the kitchen ever since I could walk. My grandfather “tutupa” was a true foodie, his passion for cuisine ignited my own infatuation with the culinary world. I was born in Hawaii in the late 80’s when super food smoothies and health food markets were all the rage. As a shoeless beach kid I often snacked on mangos and avocados freshly picked from neighborhood trees.

In 2009 I attended nursing school in Portland Oregon and learned the benefits of a healthy lifestyle from a scientific perspective, cementing my commitment to working out, eating green, and being an educated consumer. The True Spoon is my outlet to share original recipes, reviews of my favorite restaurants, handpicked wellness products, green beauty, and my foodie travels. My hope is that The True Spoon will be a place where you will be warmly inspired to incorporate aspects of my wellness journey into your life. I want to be your trusty source of knowledge, helping you demystify the challenges of eating well, staying active, and taking care of your skin. Living a healthy lifestyle can be simple and fun no matter where you are!


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