Featured Artist: Jo Abellera

Jo Abellera is the Los Angeles based maker and designer of KKIBO — a line of handmade knitwear, accessories, housewares and textiles.

She makes each piece by hand and finds inspiration working with color, texture, silhouette and natural fibers. In her work, Jo puts a modern twist on traditional textile making techniques, whether knitting, knotting or weaving.

Over the past few years, Jo has started teaching workshops on macrame, weaving and knitting in the Los Angeles area and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of craft and making things by hand.

Brandy and I have been lucky enough to find Jo and have her teach in our studio! Her last macrame workshop of the year will be in our studio this coming Saturday, November 7th from 1-5pm. 

Jo had a sale out of her studio a couple weeks ago. Brandy and I ventured over to see all her goods and her amazing space and like-minded creative friends and makers. I picked up a few (too early!) Christmas gifts and snapped some photos of Jo's lovely studio. 

Sign up for her class HERE and I'll see you in the studio!