Artist Spotlight: Emma Palmer

This week we are so excited to be featuring Emma Palmer! We love seeing her art pop up on our instagram and wanted to learn more about her and her work. Plus she paints on wooden spoons- how cool is that??

emma palmer.png

Emma Lisette Palmer is an Australian artists that draws every day, the proof is in her Instagram name! She likes to experiment with all different materials but what stands out the most are her bright, colorful and quirky wooden spoon portraits! She is showing the world that wooden spoons are not just for cooking and we love it. Read below to find out more about her, her work, and what music gets her in the creative mood!


Featured Artist: Kellee Vopelak

Say hello to Kellee Vopelak! We are so excited to have Kellee as a guest maker in April. She will be teaching a Weaving for Beginners workshop that you do not want to miss!

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Kellee Vopelak of Kellee Creative is a Chicago-born Los Angeles transplant who has been a maker from a very young age. Since her first weaving class Kellee's been hooked! She enjoys experimenting with different yarns and fibers and strives to make each piece special.  In her home studio in Silver Lake, Kellee creates one-of-a-kind woven wall hangings and enjoys experimenting with different textures and colors. She has a passion for learning and teaching others and strives to improve every single day!


Featured Artist: Vilasinee Bunnag

We are so excited to be featuring Vilasinee "V" Bunnag this week for our Artists Spotlight! You may remember her name from our workshops or you may just be an instagram admirer but I think we can all admit V is someone to follow. She also has a book coming out at the end of March which you can pre-order now. We can’t wait!


Vilasinee "V" Bunnag is a Californian who lives in NYC. She's the co-inventor of the new Loome fiber craft tool. Crafts and fiber art are in her blood - having also grown up in Bangkok, V family's was involved in preserving the beautiful textiles of Thailand. Since founding Loome, she's been busy sharing and making pom poms, tassels, small weaves, cords and friendship bracelets everywhere. Running workshops are among her favorite things to do because she's always blown away by what people can create with the Loome tool.

Loome was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2015. The motto is One Tool, Infinite Possibilities which reflects the versatility of their tools and what you can make with them. Every day, they strive to make, inspire and share with you.


Featured Artist: Jo Abellera

We love macrame... and Jo Abellera is the QUEEN of fiber art, macrame and so much more. We are delighted to have her a Featured Artist this week AND teaching a workshop this weekend. Be sure to follow along her exciting adventures on Instagram and come see us this weekend for her workshop!


KKIBO - About Jo Abellera
Working with textiles in much the same way a sculptor might work clay, designer Jo Abellera
approaches KKIBO - her line of handmade knitwear, accessories, and homewares - with an
inspired artisan’s eye. Natural fibers (wool, alpaca, jute and rope) are transformed into work that exudes a deep individuality and an easy, sensual beauty.

Trained at Parsons School of Design, Abellera’s debut line was initially inspired by the writings
of scholar Joseph Campbell and the birth of her first child. “I came across a book by Joseph
Campbell,” Abellera remembers, “filled with these incredible images of young women in
ceremonial costumes made of bark. I started making sweaters inspired by these images.”
Naming both her child and her new company after the Japanese word for ‘hope’, Abellera’s line
is now known for its thrilling mix of primitive, organic forms and a thoroughly modern approach

to sustainable, ethical design. Made largely in KKIBO’s local Los Angeles studio, Abellera also
shares a portion of production with artisans in Bolivia. “I think the core mission of KKIBO is to
make thoughtful, unique and beautiful things that reflect the natural world,” the designer
explains, “using traditional techniques - knitting, weaving, and macramé - in a new way.”


Featured Artist: Jennifer Wong

This week is all about Jennifer Wong! We've been lucky enough to have Jen teach several workshops for adults and children alike including Young Architect Workshops, Lighting Design for Adults, and Scotch + Succulents among SO many others! She's so talented in the way she approaches making modern architecture and design applicable in her workshops! Read on to learn more!


Jennifer Noel Wong is a native Angeleno. She's a full-time practicing architectural designer at Lehrer Architects LA in Silverlake, and enjoys offering creative design workshops during her free time. Her workshops are mainly geared toward kids ages 7-12, but has started to offer adult design workshops after parents started showing interest too.

She finds influence from her surrounding environments, and learns from architects who create built spaces and approach design by challenging themselves to push boundaries, conduct social ecological research, and address sociological issues of today. The workshops she offers (at times with her creative and talented friends like Rutd and Dorsey Lampworks) focus on creative problem solving, designing within constraints, working with the strengths and weaknesses of materials, and translating technical solutions to qualitative means of interactions that happen within spatial boundaries.


Follow Jen on instagram @curatedtravels for more design inspo + workshop notifications!

Featured Artist: Krislam Chin

We're going STRONG this January with some amazing artists! This week we're highlighting MM fave, Krislam Chin: Graphic Designer, Hand Lettering Artist and most importantly in our book-- Waffle Enthusiast. We love having Krislam in our studio teaching her workshops and are so excited for you to learn more about her!


Krislam Chin is a Senior Graphic Designer based in Downtown Los Angeles. After studying branding at FIDM, she embarked on her journey to revolutionize the creative industry in 2011. She began her career in market research, transforming quantitative and qualitative reporting through creative data visualization and imaginative infographic design for clients such as American Girl, Disney, Fisher-Price, CNN, Direct TV, Starbucks and Saatchi & Saatchi.

he was formerly the Sr. Graphic Designer of Internal Communications at TechStyle Fashion Group (formerly JustFab), where she oversaw the creative direction for global corporate communications and elevated internal branding through innovation and strategic design.

When she’s not working, Krislam spends her time hand lettering, geeking out over the newest design trends with her man (who’s also a designer), or play with her dogs, Geoffrey and Alfred. She’s a waffle enthusiast, coffee snob, and hopeless Grey’s Anatomy fan.


Featured Artist: Kait Walsh

WOOHOO, our Mini Maker Teacher Kait has finally hit the blog! We are so excited for you to learn about the talented woman who teaches most of our mini's here at the studio. We are continously inspired by Kait and hope you are, too!


Kait Walsh has been making art her whole life and the best part is, she has only just begun. After teaching mostly kindergarten for the past 8 years she left her job to pursue her art career with the main goal of writing and illustrating children's books. With projects under her belt such as creating company logos, designing greeting cards and painting event backdrops, she is also excited to see where more time to create will lead!

Makers Mess came into her life shortly after it opened thanks to a recommendation from the vintage shop next door. She attended classes such as erasure poetry and watercolor with Ana Victoria Calderon before becoming a Mini Makers teacher in August 2016. You will mostly find her teaching the holiday, spring break and summer camps where she takes advantage of the full days to guide and support the unique curiosities each child brings to class. Using a variety of mediums and techniques (and lots of found objects!) she emphasizes and encourages experimentation, exploration and lots of play. Some of her favorite days have included fascinator style hats made out of decoupage projects gone wrong, an interactive baby blanket made by an older sister complete with different textures, tags to play with and noise makers and last week's theatre production inspired by the astronaut and tiger costumes made entirely out of paper bags and foil. 

As Kait starts the new year she looks forward to working on and completing her 2018 bucket list: paint a mural, publish her children's book, illustrate an article for ManRepeller and learn how to use gouache. Cheers to these and may more!


See you for next week's Artist Spotlight! :)

Featured Artist: Jen Hewett

We are a BIG fan of print making and are so excited to see so much interest in it this year from our makers in the LA area! One of our favorite printmakers + surface designers, Jen Hewett is our featured artist this week! She's accomplished so many inspiring projects and we always love to have her in the studio!

P.S. Want to score some of her amazing prints? You can sign-up for a Tea Towel of the Month Club. So cool! She also has a book coming out in May 2018! Talk about woman power ;)


Jen Hewett is a printmaker, surface designer, textile artist and teacher. A lifelong
Californian, Jen combines her love of loud prints and saturated colors with the textures and
light of the California landscapes to create highly-tactile, visually-layered, printed textiles.

When she’s not creating in her San Francisco studio or teaching her popular block printing
classes, she can be found hiking with her high-strung recue dog Gus, cycling on San
Francisco’s less-hilly streets, or hiding out at her neighborhood wine bar.


We are so inspired by Jen and love it when we see an artist bloom from taking a class (like many of our guests here at MM!) Thanks so much for being our spotlight for this week!

Featured Artist: Rebecca Holopter

We are absolutely smitten with our artist of this week, Rebecca Holopter! Rebecca is our Watercolor teacher here at Makers Mess for a reason-- she's ridiculously talented and keeps pushing her limits as an artist. Her messiest breakthrough is one of our favorite's that we've read and can't wait for you to get to know Rebecca, too!


Rebecca Holopter is a watercolor artist who consistently completes a painting a day. Changing her subject matter and theme each month, she has gained a strong grasp on different techniques and styles.

Her daily painting has taught her to keep going even when she sees nothing good about what she's doing, that her perspective can and usually will change with a good night of sleep, and that taking time out to do what she loves everyday will bring more opportunities to do more of what she loves.

She teaches watercolor at Makers Mess with a focus on trusting instincts and an environment of no mistakes, only curiosity. 


Be sure to follow Rebecca on instagram: @beccaholopter + take one of her many next classes with us!