Makers Workshop: Knitting Night | $30

  • Makers Mess 602 North Hoover Street Los Angeles, CA, 90004 United States

Expand upon the basic knitting/garter stitch! This class is for knitters who have never moved past a rectangle or basic knit stitch. In this class, we will go over a variety of topics depending on what students want to learn and where they are at with their knitting skills. We will go over: casting on/off, purling (and the hundreds of stitches you can create based off knit/purl), yarn overs/lace, color changes, how to “read” your knitting, front and back sides, fixing common mistakes (dropped stitches), increasing and decreasing, knitting flat vs in the round, how to read a pattern, and gauging your yarn! Students will be making small swatches of new stitches and skills to take home to their own new, more advanced projects! We will provide needles and yarn if you need them, but feel free to bring your own needles, yarn, projects, and patterns as well.

Enrollment closes 4/2! Missed the deadline?  Email and we will see what we can do!